"Just because the light was not HIS own, didn't make him appreciate it any less."

Fergul & Blue: 'Fergul & The King' is Part 1 of a trilogy of mythical fantasy set in Ireland amid a race war. Battling for justice, whose side will you be on?


Fergul awakes to a rainbowless existence. Discovering he is a failed changeling, he must to get his rainbow back, or he will die.


Fergul must to the help of the King, but has no claim to make demands.

But the King has a plan of his own and Fergul is just the right person. 


An innocent to do his meddling. Someone to pay back old transgressions. All in the name of a promise to retrieve the changeling's rainbow. 


If Fergul doesn't complete the tasks, will he die trying...?


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