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"Have the audacity to shine"

Fergul & Blue is a mythical fantasy set in Ireland amid a race war. Battling for justice, we are challenged to decide whose side will you be on - one of justice or one of peace?


Fergul awakes to a rainbowless existence. A forgotten failed changeling, he follows the advice of his best friend, a goose, to ask the King how to get his rainbow back.

Or else he will fade away and die.

Packing his tea and toothbrush, Fergul discovers a world unbeknown to him. A world of power, medicinal plants, departments and careers and, copious amounts of tea.


With no claim to demand an audience with the King, Fergul fights mockery to break in to meet the allusive King only to be requested and propositioned to earn his rainbow back.


The King, after all, has his own plans and Fergul is just perfect for the job.


To return the teeth of Benandonner, Fergul might navigate Belfast city and the north coast in search of Oonagh's Organ. With treacherous giants in the midst, Fergul must find a way of pacifying the power hungry creatures while getting them to help him on his way for the second of three tasks.


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